Lancer Cleared for Take-off

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Armor Games Studios is proud to announce that Jet Lancer, the first title by Code Wakers, is now available on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch! Strap in to this high-velocity aerial combat shooter where you duel enemy aviators, hunt giant robots, and defy death at supersonic speeds. Check out the trailer down below and get Jet Lancer on Steam now, or pick up Jet Lancer on Nintendo Switch!

You are Ash Leguinn: badass pilot, highly paid mercenary, and flight-school drop out. Your day job is fine – the daily grind of dealing with Sky Pirates pays the bills – but nothing compares to the rush of demolishing a ninety-ton mechanical monstrosity at the speed of sound. And you’ll have your chance. As mechanized weapons converge on Root City, you’ll have to be at the top of your game to survive, and you’ll have to surpass your limits if you want to save the world. We hope you’ll check out Jet Lancer on Steam now, or pick up Jet Lancer on Nintendo Switch!

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